Clara is derived from the name of a river located in the Gulf of northwest Queensland, Australia. With magnifi cent view, Clara is defi ned as one of the most glorious picture that nature has bestowed to Australia. Watching the Clara River is the way to release your soul through the peaceful and pristine scenery of the nature of the river.
Inspired by the wild but majestic beauty of Clara River, Clara Stylish Life was born. With elegant design shown through mysterious and charismatic curves, all of Clara’s products defi nitely capture your eyes at fi rst sight. And such like its inspiration, Clara Stylish Life will surely bring you to the happiness of life, the satisfaction of one of the best products for users worldwide.





Clara bathroom ware factory system with specialized production areas located in China, Malaysia and Italy has nearly 70 years of operation history, widely covering all countries in the world (USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Korea, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Spain, India ...) production capacity to 6.8 million products/ year to meet the market well.
Clara sanitary ware factory has a production line with advanced and modern techniques. The team of engineers and workers of the factory is highly specialized with 2600 workers. Strict quality control procedures are followed throughout the production process of goods, meeting the demand of exporting to countries around the world.
Not only at the trend and style, designer Clara always strives to create classy and luxurious spaces combining simplicity and sophistication for customer segments. Help customers easily choose and overwhelmed when entering space, experience Clara products from different origins.